Cyber Incident Response Plan

Notifiable Data Breach law has now been in effect

Commercial organisations may be impacted by the new Notifiable Data Breach provisions of the Australian Privacy Act coming into force in 2018.
A Cyber Incident Response Plan sets out the roles and responsibilities of staff and third parties in the event of a malicious attack or data breach. The plan ensures the incident is managed in a controlled and efficient manner and affected individuals and relevant authorities are informed in a timely fashion.

Cyber Incident Response Plan

Cyber Incident Response Plan

CQR can help your organisation on these key activities:

  • Consider the potential severity of a data breach or cyber incident
  • Consider the requirements of the Commonwealth Government’s Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme and any other applicable regulatory requirements
  • Conduct interviews to understand existing incident management procedures
  • Identify through workshop/interviews the roles and responsibilities of staff
  • Create/review business processes for the assessment of cyber incidents
  • Create/review standard response procedures
  • Create/review engagement procedures for external resources
  • Create plans for scenarios (“playbooks”) depending on the exposed information

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